Saturday, April 5, 2014

In Which Chocolate Milk Cures Everything

First of all, thanks for the nice comments on my last post, where I whined about being sick and not exercising.  #FirstWorldProblems.  I'm still alive, enough so that I can share my miraculous tale of recovery.

When I was in college I took an elective called "American Folk Medicine."  One of our assignments was to interview elderly people about home remedies they used back in the day.  This was truly fascinating and I wish I still had my notes.

After I wrote that last post, I figured I should probably eat something, but nothing seemed appealing, except for a bottle of chocolate milk.  This kind, to be exact:

I love this brand of chocolate milk.  This bottle has 20 grams of protein (10 per serving, but who can resist the whole thing?) and it's even lactose free, for those who care about that (I don't).  I mostly use it as a recovery drink after exercising.  It seems to be sort of a trend to not eat dairy lately, but I don't generally follow trends.  Food is fuel.  And it's really GOOD.  (This is not a sponsored post.  I will never have sponsored posts.  I just like it).

After I drank the milk, I sat around for awhile with a cat and a book, generally feeling miserable.  Only, suddenly I didn't.  My fever broke.  I even lost interest in the ridiculous reality show that was on.  I felt almost...normal.

It seems to be common wisdom not to consume dairy when you have a cold or a flu.  And most likely it was coincidence.  The worst part of my illness had simply run its course.  But just maybe it was the chocolate milk.  Who knows?  Our ancestors believed in many different remedies that sound crazy today but may have really worked (for a headache, tie a bandanna tightly around your head and then sleep with your head at the foot of the bed?)  I'm giving chocolate milk the credit!

Have you heard of any interesting old home remedies?


  1. Sounds good--though the old folks probably didn't have this kind of milk to recommend. Last week I consumed many glasses of ginger ale, plus mini saltines. Now I'm better. Cause and effect? Or GI upset ran its course? Either way, I'm grateful my home remedy plus or minus time has worked. Glad you're better!

  2. I haven't drank chocolate milk in years because dairy started bothering me a lot. And the lactose free kind tastes a lot like crap :) So now I am interested in this one, since you said it tastes good. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Try it, I think it is delicious. I wouldn't have known it was lactose free.

  3. Apparently athletes (esp younger ones) are told that chocolate milk is a good post-game snack - it has protein, carbs, and not too much bad stuff! I try to stay away from dairy because too much affects me, but there's yunmy chocolate soymilk for that!


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