Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'll be in the gym: confessions of a hotel exerciser

Confession #1.  When I go on work trips, I don't choose hotels based on the room, proximity to restaurants, or how far away the local sights are. My first priority is: does it have a workout room?

Confession #2.  I'm a workout room snob.  Of course, I'd rather run outside, but if it's dark/sketchy/really urban, I'll pick the exercise room.  If there's only a wobbly bike in there, I will judge. Hotels that give you passes to a real gym, or have free weights and several ellipticals? Who cares what the room is like!

Confession #3.  Sometimes I skip dinners or social functions with coworkers so I can exercise.  I know, this sounds a little, well, obsessed. But it's so hard to sit in classes or meetings all day and then go out, eat restaurant food, and sit some more.

Confession #4.  A hotel in southern California gave us free passes to a gym. A gym we could walk to. A real gym, with weights and machines and a Cross Fit area.  I was so grateful that I bought a t shirt from the gym (probably negating the free pass).

Confession #5.  While not technically a hotel, I picked the ship I took to Antarctica partially based on the fact that it had a tiny workout room. And while the ship was rolling in the waves traversing the Drake Passage and other passengers were miserably seasick, guess where I was? That's right! The ship was moving side to side too much to run on the treadmill, but there was a bike!

Anyone else choose hotels on work trips based on workout options? Or am I just an exercise weirdo?

The gym at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas. Picture from Oyster.com


  1. I never get to travel for work, so I hardly ever stay in hotels. But I'm with you, I'd rather skip the dinner/social hour and get some exercise. Especially if I've been sitting on my butt all day.

  2. Sounds like a good plan! Much better than conference nights spent in the bar, as so many colleagues did when I travelled for work.


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