Friday, March 13, 2015

In between seasons

Around here it seems like summer is coming this way about a month ahead of time.  We hesitate to say it's spring yet, because all of us have seen snowstorms in May, but all the signs are there.

You can still ski and snowboard, but there are bare spots on some of the runs.  Vegetation is sticking up through the snow in a lot of places.  The snow is a mix of ice in the mornings and mashed potato consistency by noon.  There are signs at the top of some of the runs warning of spring like conditions.

This statue is at the top of one of the ski runs.  Turns out it's harder to take a selfie with Jesus than I thought.
The lake is still frozen, but it was 60 degrees out today.  Not seeing anyone else out there, I chickened out and didn't walk too far out on the ice.

There's still some snow on the trails by my house, but it's warm enough for shorts!

There is already talk of prescribed burning, about a month ahead of normal.  Some rookies think we will have a busy fire season, but it all depends on the spring rains, or lack of them. 

It was a very mild winter here.  No extended below zero cold snaps and very few big snowfalls.  I didn't briefly want to run off to Hawaii.  I never wore more than two layers while running.  And I didn't hate it.  It would be nice to have a little more snow for the three more weeks the ski area will be open, but we should get to hike in the mountains a little earlier this year.  I'm looking forward to it.

How was your winter?


  1. Sigh.....for a skier like me dismal. The snow is melting fast at my local ski area, and I'm about ready to hang up my skis for the season. Although I love hiking, I'm not mentally ready to be hiking in mid-March.

    Love the statue of Jesus! I think I've been to that ski area before.

    1. It's called Big Mountain by locals, Ski Whitefish officially.

  2. The selfie with Jesus is a hoot....our winter was very cold (Average February temp as 2.4 degrees!) but less snow than usual and now a few warm days with snow starting to melt. As you, we can and probably will get more snow and cold, but smiles are reappearing on cabin-fever faces and the air is softer. Snowshoe trails are mushy, except where they have been groomed for ski bikes!

  3. Good to chicken out on the lake ice travel....we've had one fisherman and one ice-boater already fallen through (and rescued) from Lake Superior ice so far this spring.

  4. Replies
    1. I saw one person on a snow bike this winter, but now the mountain bikers are out.

  5. Hmm. Sounds like a line in a millenial's country western song: "I tried to take a selfie with Jesus." We had a cold winter, especially February, but not the over-the-head piles of snow and ice of last year.

    1. I'd have to be a lot taller to take a good selfie. The statue's really tall.


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