Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life Lessons from Cinderella, the movie

I have to admit I was a little reluctant to see the movie Cinderella, because I thought it would just be for kids.  However, once I started watching it, I realized that there's a lot you can learn from a fairy tale.  It might even apply to real life.  What, you say? Glad you asked.

1.  Go explore in the woods.  You might meet someone interesting!

2.  Be nice to everybody.  You never know who might turn out to be your fairy godmother (or your boss).

3.  Be nice to animals.  You might want them later.  Maybe not as a footman, but maybe as a friend.

4.  Pretty people can be ugly on the inside, whether they are stepsisters or not.

5.  When looking for a solution, look at what's around you in new ways.  A pumpkin for a coach? It worked!

6.  Don't chase the prince.  Don't ever chase the prince! He should chase you.

7.  Never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes.

8.   If there is a "one", don't let them get away.  Search the whole kingdom!

9.  Make some noise! It might change your life.  Cinderella sang a song, but this could be a speech, a poem, or just standing up for yourself.

10.  Take the high road.  You don't need to forgive the evil stepmother or the evil ex, but you don't need to be like them.  Let them go.  Life will catch up to them.



  1. Imagine all these from Cinderella! I'm know I'm going to come back to these....need several from time to time. Very creative.

    1. You should rent it when it comes out.

    2. We'll do that...and keep your life lessons nearby!


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