Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trainer Tuesday: It's OK to be (a little) lazy (sometimes)

I know people who overtrain.  They rarely take rest days from exercise, and feel guilty when they do.  They push themselves hard in almost every workout.  It's impressive, but they eventually pay the price.  Injuries, sleep problems, feeling tired all the time, and decreasing performance are all problems that can occur with overtraining.

I confess: I can be a lazy adventurer.  I wake up early, but sometimes don't leave the house for a hike until (gasp) 11.  Some days I only run 3 miles.  I've been known to blow off the gym even though I know I should lift weights.  There's days I will just go for a walk.

I used to be much more obsessive.  I turned down time with friends because I had to exercise.  I once went running before heading out on a backpacking trip.  I ran circles in an office building when it was too icy and snowy to run outside.

Now, I'm a lot more moderate.  I still exercise a lot, but I've learned to listen to my body.  If I have aches and pains, or feel desperate at the thought of a weight workout, I modify what I'm doing.  I go for a walk in the woods instead.  I can be happy with a four mile hike.  On rest days, I just try to eat less (sometimes I succeed).

While I don't advocate lying on the couch all day watching 90 Day Fiance PBS Specials very often, not every workout needs to be epic, as long as you get up and move.  Every body needs a break once in awhile.
Hiking in Patagonia, just because I loved this trip.  We made sure to take breaks!


  1. Ha ha, I'm always a lazy adventurer! (and have been known to sleep in instead of go for my scheduled morning run)

  2. Enjoying your Trainer Tuesdays.....like the thoughts about balance in this one. Takes a while to learn that....but healthier and more long lasting to do all the things you want in the outdoors!

    1. Yes my goal is to keep on doing everything.

  3. Dear Trainer Tuesday: All the advice is that breakfast is important for health and is also needed for taking any supplements. I have never cared much for breakfast...do you have any suggestions to entice me to eat in the morning?

  4. Oh I’m such a lazy adventurer/exerciser! Hahaha. I am one that needs the call to relax too often! But that said, when I am in the groove of exercise I tend to push it too hard!


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