Friday, May 31, 2019

Money and memories

As I ate dinner with B., I observed her furtively.  Only a year older than me and recently retired, she seemed really happy.  She even looked younger.   Was it possible I'd be able to manage an early retirement too? (That being said, I'm going to have to, at least from my current job: they kick you out at 57).

As we talked, though, I became uncomfortably aware that she had a lot more money than me in her retirement accounts.  Some of that could be explained by my having to give my ex-husband money when we parted ways; also she made $40,000 a year more than I do in base salary. 

She seemed puzzled and asked about my fire overtime.  Some years we make a lot; some we don't.  "Where did it go?" she asked.  I  had to think about it.

While I currently contribute a lot to retirement and have other savings, I felt like I should probably have more, given a few good overtime years.  I don't live an extravagant lifestyle.  But then something occurred to me. 

I know where some of it went.  It went to:

New Zealand
Costa Rica
And many destinations in the United States.

I can't be mad about that.  Maybe I'll have to forego some things in retirement.  But I would never give up those memories.  It was all worth it.


  1. I worry about my retirement quite a bit. I have pretty much nothing. (Ok...a little). I’m starting over after the financial mess called my ex and marriage to him....AND the buyout to get me out of that marriage in one piece! While I worry about it, I also know that my happiness and peace far more outweighs that money in the bank for retirement! For me I don’t know that I would have even made it to retirement before the stress (or worse) did me in! Retirement accounts are important but happiness while we are alive is equally important!!!

    Enjoy life....enjoy the!

    1. I totally get the buyout thing. Mine set me back, but I was able to recover. Probably had to work a year longer to get that back. You're right about the happiness while alive.

  2. Oh, this is wonderful! Such a list...and so many memories. Makes the rest of us real stay-at-homes. No, never regret the choices you have made for use of money in exchange for will work out.

    1. I'm glad I went those places. When I look at the list it looks short to me!

    2. ??? It looks looong and enticing for the rest of us.

  3. With cancer hitting my grandmother and my mom, I adopted a do what you can NOW attitude and while I haven't traveled as much as you (by a long shot, haha), I am pleased with what I've gotten to do. Sure we don't have as much in our 401Ks as other people...but that's why we had children, so we can move in with them when we run out of money! LOLOLOL

  4. I worry about my retirement too. I look at my retirement account and realize I might be able to retire comfortably for about 3 weeks :)


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