Friday, August 2, 2019

Hiking for dollars

Firefighting has ruined hiking for some people I know. Because in their everyday jobs they plod along wearing hot clothing and carrying heavy, uncomfortable packs, going for a hike on days off is the last thing they want to do. 

I definitely get it.  Although I love flying, I wouldn't go on a helicopter tour on vacation.  But if the opportunity to hike while at work arises, I'll still jump at the chance.

The helicopter touched down on a remote, trailless ridge in the national park.  I had been excited to go there with the radio technicians, thinking we were landing next to a fire lookout.  I was disappointed to learn that the lookout was 900 feet below, and all that elevation was lost in less than a half mile.

"I kind of want to go," I said to the pilot.  "So do I!" he said.  So we set off cross country down the ridge.

Even though we then had to scramble back up those 900 feet, it was worth it.

Two days later, a different radio tech wanted someone to help scout a location for a radio repeater.  "I'll go!" I volunteered.  As we clawed our way up what I later called The Rocks Of Death and bashed through The Brush of Doom, it was still better than being in the office.  We emerged on an airy ridge.

Although it was later determined to be too dangerous to move the repeater there due to the approach technicians would have to take hiking to it, it wasn't a wasted day for me.  I got to hike and see views most people never see, without having to deal with a fire at the same time.

Have a project that requires a hike? Just ask. I'll go.  


  1. I'll try to think of some....great locations and photos. What a day at the office!

  2. Professional hiker? That would be the job for me! Lucky you to be able to sneak in hikes on the job.

    1. I'm lucky to work in a place where you have to hike to do some projects!

  3. I think I would be like you...still jumping at the chance to hike somewhere and experience something new...are experience something old on a different day/season!!

    1. It's so much better than doing the same thing over and over!


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