Monday, February 24, 2020

No Plans

One of my friends sent me a message.  "What are you doing Sunday? I might snowshoe."

It's only Monday, I thought.  I can't plan that far ahead.

I like to think of myself as a planner, but really, I'm not.  I never intended to fight fire for more than a few seasons, yet here I am still doing it.  Most of my international trips were decided on a whim.  I chose to go to Antarctica only a month before the ship departed from Argentina.  

People who are good planners seem to have a road map of their lives written ahead of time.  They save a lot more money, move higher up in management, and know what they're doing on the weekend even if it's only Monday.  Sometimes I wish I was more this way.

Still, there is a lot of joy in spontaneity.  If the weather turns bad, you don't have to bail on people or be miserable because you are locked into something far in advance.  You can accept a last minute invitation.  If you find a great flight and have the time, you can go somewhere great like Antarctica (and because I waited till the last minute, I paid half the price that my fellow passengers paid a year in advance).

Yesterday, I was annoyed at myself that I hadn't planned anything for a sunny Sunday.  At 9:30 I sent a friend a message.  "Want to hike to Garry Lookout?"  "Yes!" she replied immediately.  We happily snowshoed up the trail, my lack of planning ahead paying off yet again.


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