Sunday, October 16, 2011


Eight years ago today I sat in a helicopter as it spun toward the ground. I looked at Russ, sitting across from me, and thought his eyes were the last thing I would ever see. I thought the sound of tree limbs breaking and metal folding were the last sounds I would ever hear. I thought these were my last moments to live.

Then, something unexpected. In those last precious moments, fear changed to acceptance, to an overwhelming sense of peace. It wrapped around me like a lover's arms. I believe I have been searching for this feeling ever since.

In the end we all crawled out of the wreckage unharmed. The real damage came later, when one of us could not fight the demons that day helped awaken. I'm sorry, M., that you survived the accident but in the end nobody could save you.

Today, the day of my second chance, is a reminder to look beyond the surface, to reach out and drink in all the sweetness of life. Everything that is good sometimes seems as far away as the stars, but it is all out there, waiting for me to find.

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