Wednesday, December 7, 2011

other lives and second chances

Hearing about helicopter crashes makes me shiver even on 90 degree days. Today a tour helicopter crashed near Lake Mead, killing all five people on board. It made me think as I have so many times before, how lucky am I?

In an earlier post I described the crash I survived. Although it happened eight years ago, I still think about it often. I think about the other crashes, the other people who weren't as lucky. Krassel. Iron 44. White River.

In these moments, all I can do is this: Try to live purposefully and with grace. Be present. Take that leap of faith. Love with my whole heart. Don't hurt other people. In these small actions I can honor the memories of those after me who didn't survive, and find meaning in the second chance I was given.

Rest in peace. I won't forget.

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