Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Cubicle

Dear Office Cubicle,

I'm looking forward to breaking up with you. This shouldn't come as a surprise. You've heard me talk about you, and not just out in the main office where you couldn't hear. You knew this day was coming from the beginning.

Yes, we've had some good times. I have to admit, you can be kind of cozy, with your high walls on three sides, and the space heater blasting. Although you are nowhere near a window, which is kind of a dealbreaker, your proximity to an exit makes the sprint to freedom pretty easy. Also, you are close to a storage room where I can do the Superman change into my workout clothes. There's even a Smokey Bear costume stored here, so if I wanted to, I could put it on and run through the halls growling. You're next to the dispatchers, who always know everything first. I can easily spy on my supervisor. Sometimes there's cake in the break room not far from you.

However, you knew all along my heart belonged at the helibase. Sure, out there I sit in an ancient trailer that attracts hordes of flies and shakes when anyone walks in it. Sometimes we have to kick the printer and the fax to get it to work. The water has been known to shut off with no warning. It's better to not even mention the bathroom. But there's something about the place that keeps me coming back.

I'm sorry, Office Cubicle, but I belong out there. There are trails to run on, and bears in the woods. There's mountains instead of Costco. I always know what the weather is doing, instead of having to get up and go find a window. After work it's only a few miles up the road to the national park. There's even a lot of hotshots around the place. What more could a girl ask for?

So, dear Cubicle, I've enjoyed our time together, but in a month I'll be moving on. I'll be back, though, to check on you and see how you are doing in the cubie farm. I will leave something interesting with you for the next inhabitant to find. I'm sure we'll get together again next winter. Until then, everything that happens in the cubicle stays in the cubicle, ok? See you after next fire season.

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