Friday, February 3, 2012


I recently heard the comment, "If I didn't fight fire, I wouldn't understand why anyone does it." And why would you? Firefighters talk a lot about the adrenaline rush, but in reality, much of our work is arduous, underpaid, and honestly sometimes kind of boring (spend a few days in the rain doing inventory around the station or sharpening tools and you'll see what I mean). If you have what we firefighters call a "real" job, and you've never walked a fireline after dark watching the night burn, here are a few reasons why we keep coming back:

Meeting old and new friends in interesting places

Seeing our beautiful country from above

Watching fire run through the forest like something alive

Rappelling into a fire. I mean, really. Do I need to say anything else?

Bringing someone home to their family in a search and rescue

Lighting stuff on fire

Flying in Lamas (And Astars, and L4s, and 58Ts, and 407s, and 212s, and...)

A few days with a couple of friends on a little fire in the middle of nowhere

Helping save people's houses (and sometimes the people)

Being a part of something that matters

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