Friday, November 2, 2012

the good crew: a recipe

In my 25 seasons of firefighting I have worked with many crews, some memorable and some best forgotten. During this time I have had plenty of time to ponder what makes a good crew and what makes another turn into a Survivor-like divided tribe ready to vote each other off the island. I have concluded that there are certain essential components of a successful crew. They are:

The Scrounger: This person can build elaborate fire camp furniture from a chunk of inch and a half hose and some pole size trees. They will happily wander off and return with all kinds of swag to make life easier. Sniffling crew members? This person will find all the vitamin C and Airborne within a 5 mile radius. Like a ninja they move through camp, procuring cool stuff. The supply unit will never know what hit them.

The Charmer: Cranky finance lady? No chocolate milk left at the caterer? This person can make it all better with their natural charisma. Nobody can resist their smoldering gaze and friendly phone voice. Send this one in when you really need something. Sometimes the Charmer is also a Scrounger which is an unbeatable combination.

The Fixer: Need motel rooms at short notice on a holiday weekend in a resort town? Incident management team being vague on details of a mission? This crew member is all about solutions.They can handle any logistical nightmare thrown at them and look good doing it. This is your wingman or wingwoman. Do whatever you can to keep them.

The Computer Nerd: Unless you really enjoy spending hours on the phone with the Help Desk and dealing with the 404 not found error, this person is essential. Whether it's adding a printer or getting you permanent admin rights, they are worth their weight in ink toner and G2 pens.

The Comic Relief: Need I say more? Every crew needs one of these (J we are happy you got your dream job but we miss you).

Take these ingredients and stir well. It will be hiring season before you know it.

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