Sunday, April 14, 2013

"baby got back" and "pachelbel's canon": a playlist

Once upon a time, I was on a hotshot crew, so long ago that people born in that year are now fighting fire.  We had two crew vehicles, the party buggy, in which people stayed awake and played poker, and the sleeping buggy, in which people dozed as much as possible.  We drove everywhere.  There was no flying to fires for us, no matter how far away. 

In the back of the sleeping buggy, we rolled through the night to the sounds of a tape player on an endless loop.  Jenny was enamored of Sir Mix-A-Lot, particularly "Baby Got Back", which she played over and over.  I heard it so many times that sometimes I still spontaneously break out with "So Cosmo says you're fat/Well, I ain't down with that!"  much to the bemusement of my younger crewmembers.

Tammy liked Pachelbel's Canon, a tune that induced drowsiness throughout the bus, so much so that, somewhere in the darkness of eastern Washington, we would wake up, hear its soothing notes, and drift back to sleep, only to wake again hours later to its hopeful melody.

These two songs couldn't be more different.  When I hear them today I instantly imagine our strong young tribe still out there somewhere, traveling through the darkness toward the unknown.  And our summer soundtrack is still playing, the sounds of rap and classical music mixed together, as we move toward the future.

Photo courtesy of the Baker River Hotshots Facebook page.

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  1. Love these auditory images...can imagine them in the dark on the roads.


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