Wednesday, May 22, 2013

on the road

Work road trips can be awful.  You can be stuffed into an uncomfortable vehicle with people you might not like, who may or may not be infected with a miserable cold.  You might have to suffer through hours of unfortunate music.  You might get lost and have a fight about the map.  But usually they're not like that.

We piled into the ubiquitous hybrid before 5 am on a Thursday, headed spontaneously to a structure wrapping class several hours away.  The company was good.  The road was empty.  The mountains were still full of snow.

The class was a review, but it was still a good day.

Wrapping a historic cookhouse
Wrapped log ends
And there was even a bear trap there!

For some reason, I like to take pictures with bear traps.
This is my bear impression:

I know, scary!



  1. I like your bear impression :) How long does the wrap have to stay on the house?

  2. It stays on until the fire is no longer a threat, sometimes months! Afterwards there are hundreds of staples to pick up. A big magnet works well for those.
    Funny, the day after I posted this, I saw a bear in the woods.

  3. Interesting stuff for those not in fire, didn't realize the "foil" was stapled right to the wood. Great bear trap photo, too!

  4. The bear in the woods was grateful to you for showing him/her where the trap was.


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