Wednesday, May 15, 2013

wrapping it up

US Forest Service photo
This is a fire lookout building.  These people are wrapping it in fire retardant material to hopefully save it from the path of a fire.

I've wrapped several buildings (and one airplane with wooden wings). You crawl all over them with sheets of what is essentially heavy duty aluminum foil, and a staple gun. There are thousands of staples involved, so many that sometimes you haul a large magnet around afterwards to pick them up. It's tedious, but it's not hard.

Eventually, though,  there is a class for everything, and tomorrow I'm taking one in Structure Wrapping and Fall Protection.  We'll learn how to properly wrap these buildings and, hopefully, not fall while we are doing it.

National Park Service photo
I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. The building looks like a big baked potato after it's wrapped.

    1. I know! Have you seen the "fire shelters" we carry in case we are overrun by fire? They look like bivy sacks made of this same type of material. Very much like a baked potato!

  2. It's just amazing how many things to learn are out there in the world. Good luck; stay upright at all times.


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