Friday, July 12, 2013

Smelly Train/Nice Bag

Lately I've been following this thing around:

It's been pretty slow.  One of the mechanics claims that it's because he has a force field which is keeping us close to a big city with all the comforts he enjoys.  He promised to turn it off tonight though, so we can actually travel to a fire.

Because it's easy to start complaining about a situation, I decided to play a game called "Smelly Train/ Nice Bag."  I forget where I heard of this, but essentially, the woman who invented it was on a train that smelled unpleasant.  On the plus side, she was carrying a nice purse.  So whenever you have a negative thought, you have to think of a positive to go along with it. 

I decided to try it:

It's 100 degrees out and we are outside all day/I'm well-hydrated and enjoying nature.

There are very few fires to keep us busy/I get to hang out with nice pilots and mechanics.

There's no cell service at the base/I don't have to deal with any work problems because they can't call me.

I'm not getting much exercise (see 100 degrees, above)/But I did run a few miles in the hills this morning into a herd of elk!

There are people annoyingly enjoying themselves on the lake nearby/We are here to save them and their property from wildfires.

There's no shade out here/The sage smells good.

See? It's easy! What's your Smelly Train/Nice Bag moment today?


  1. I saw a fast woman trail runner in her thirties with a cute ponytail running 16 miles and was jealous/I backpacked out from Aneroid Lake in 2 hours.

  2. Good idea!
    My elbow really hurts/I had a fun time kayaking on two local lakes this week

    The mosquitos are terrible in the woods/the wildflowers are especially beautiful this year

    Something is eating some of my strawberries/the ones we get to harvest are delicious!

  3. I woke up feeling sick yesterday am, so had to cancel my hike/Got caught up on a bunch of stuff around the house.

  4. A flicker comes and beats on our log home/A vireo sings all day from a nearby tree

  5. Hate crime and intimidation incidents in city this week/people rallying around in support of those victimized.

    Spent lots of time cleaning house/like how it looks now and am ready for several anticipated visitors.

    Don't like to grocery shop/Found a great new recipe.

  6. Ha ha, I need to remember that smelly train/nice bag thing.

    I am insanely busy at work today./ I will get a paycheck eventually for it!


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