Sunday, July 7, 2013

something that goes on

It's a sad time for firefighters right now, with the deaths of the 19 hotshots on the Yarnell Hill Fire and it also being the 19th anniversary of the death of 14 firefighters at South Canyon (read about that fire here), and truthfully, many more in between that you have probably never heard of.  I'm on a fire assignment right now and will post about that later, but I felt the need to have a happier post today.

Before I left, I hiked into a beautiful area not far from home.  This place is set aside for hikers only, no motorized vehicles, bikes, or horses allowed.

The trails were all under snow. There were some mountain goats running along that ridge.

I followed fresh wolf tracks.

I ended up at a mostly frozen lake.

It's not summer up here yet.

I like this outhouse.

One of the lakes was melting out.

Down to the valley and home.


  1. Thanks for the lovely photos and the happier thoughts. Want to go to Jewel Basin someday! How far did you hike that snowy, sunny day?

  2. How beautiful! It's strange to think of places covered in snow right now, but those images are gorgeous.


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