Thursday, August 8, 2013

trail to nowhere

I didn't feel like exercising today, so I went for a walk in the woods.  Our pilot went with me for part of it.   I wanted to show him this:

I found this the other day.  Someone went to a lot of effort to build this bridge.  It looks like it used to be a mountain bike trail.  However, a few steps away, the trail disappears in a tangle of undergrowth. We couldn't find any trace of it.

It hasn't been used for at least five years, judging by the forest around it.  It fascinates me: who built it? why did they stop using it?  where did it start?

I wandered on farther into the woods, keeping an eye out for bears and looking for huckleberries.

Found a few!
Sometimes I get too obsessed with exercise, worrying about when I'm going to run, or dragging myself into the gym.  A trail to nowhere was just what I needed today.


  1. My favorite exercise is a good hike in the woods! Glad you were able to get out.

  2. "Trail to nowhere" made me smile. I used to live in a house with a backyard that was mostly forest. I made a path that purposely ended in the middle of nowhere, and I called it the path to nowhere. I always intended to put a bench there, but I never did before I moved out. Maybe the new owners have wondered why anyone would build that path to nowhere!


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