Monday, September 30, 2013

is this strange?

So, do you ever do something for years, and think everyone else does too, and then you realize: No. No, they don't.

I name a lot of my running routes.   Doesn't everybody?  Well, apparently not, because I follow some running blogs and there's no mention of anything like this, and you'd think they would, because they are all running something like 16 miles all the time.

I've been naming the places I run since I started running at age 14.  We were a running family, and it was a kind of shorthand for us.  We instantly knew what a person meant when they said they were running Mr. Barry's Ski Trail (so named because we once saw my friend's dad cross country skiing down it), The Bear Road (because the afore-mentioned Mr. Barry had once seen a bear on it while running), and the Dreaded K (a straight, boring country road that was often the last resort when it was too slippery in town).

Since then, I have named running routes all over the country.  Sometimes they are named for a person once seen on it (the Murray Route, Tom V's Loop), even if they never traverse it again.  Other routes are named for landmarks (Bad Boys goes by a former juvenile detention center; Dammit! is an out- and-back run to a dam).

Picture from here
 I currently live near a network of trails and have, of course, named them.  There's On the Outs, which traverses around the outskirts of the trail system, and incorporates shorter trails such as Mountain Bike Jump and the East Side Ramble.  If I'm feeling lazy I can run Main Street which is short and flat.  Saying the names of these trails instantly takes me there, to every turn and incline, to frosty silent mornings and green spring days.

Does anyone else do this?

What other weird thing do you do that you think is normal?

This trail is part of the Motocross Complex; bears like it too.


  1. Hey - name my running routes too! I don't think it's strange at all. :)

  2. =O I dont really run yet I can hardly only trail right now is Bedroom Floor ;3 I think it is sweet that you name them and I read in the bathroom which i noted on that last is 100% normal to me and everyone else who does it but most people are like...wait what? You read books on the toilet? Of course! :D

  3. I don't run enough to name my routes, but the kids and I name the playgrounds and parks we go to based on certain events that have happened there. My stepdaughter has dramatically named one playground "The Death Park" because she fell down and scraped a knee there. We get funny looks when we talk about the Death Park around people who don't know what we are talking about!

  4. Yes, yes, we do! And wait, I thought it was you who saw the bear on the Bear Road????


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