Saturday, September 21, 2013


Rain rain rain.  Don't get me wrong, I like rain.  I like running in it when it's light and misty.  I like big storms with thunder and lightning and brief torrents of rain, unless I'm out on a trail in it. I like a rainy day when you don't have to feel guilty about not being outside, and you can make chocolate chip cookies and read a book, preferably with a cat or two or three.

Rain during fire season...well.  That's different, unless you're sick of the fire you're on and you just want it to be over with.  Rain during fire season is demoralizing, especially when you can't go anywhere else. 

It's been raining here lately, with more to come.  The fire lookouts, at least the two who are still up, sticking it out for at least one more pay period, report snow flurries.  It's obviously time for other things.  Things like filling up the hot tub that I have to drain in the summer time because I might leave at any moment for two weeks or more, without time to even go home and grab what I might have forgotten that day.  Things like pondering whether to buy a ski pass, planting trees, and driving up to the pass in the park for one more time before the road closes.  Everything changes eventually, but it can be for the better.  It's best to remember that.

It looks like fall on our running trails

This trail goes by our warehouse. Doesn't it look haunted?

Rainy running trail

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