Wednesday, October 30, 2013

a slave to travelocity, or, I need to plan better

Are you a spontaneous traveler, or do you plan trips for months?

I recently realized that the way I approach travel is sort of, well, different.  Or is it?

I'm not talking about road trips or weekend destinations.  I mean international, passport required, travel insurance-worthy travel.

I mean, who decides all of a sudden that in a couple months they are going to climb this:

Kilimanjaro, 19,341'

Or this:

Cotopaxi, Ecuador, 19,347'

And this!

Mera Peak, Nepal, 21,247'
 That would be me.

 I do have some excuses, kind of.  My job as a firefighter makes planning any sort of travel between May and November pretty iffy.  In June through October most years, I don't even know if I'll be home that night, or in 3 weeks.  When fire season is over, there are meetings and paperwork and training classes; often these come up unexpectedly.  After being gone a lot in the summer, I usually don't even want to think about traveling for awhile.  Then when I do, I suddenly realize it's November and I've made NONE OF THE PLANS.

This often leads to last minute scouring of the internet for a destination, finding out it rains eight inches there in the month I want to go, wondering if I really want to go there that much, abandoning that plan and finding another place, then constant scanning of Orbitz and Expedia and Hotwire at the very worst time to find cheap fares.  It means minimal time to brush up on the local language and a lack of similarly spontaneous travel companions.  My trips always work out, but the planning can be stressful.

So I'm trying to reform.  Kind of.  It feels strange to be looking up places I can go to in six months, instead of two.  I realize a lot of people plan trips a year in advance, but that will probably never be me.  A lot can happen in a year!

Here's where I want to go next.  It's winter there now though.  So I might actually have to plan.  How strange!



  1. Ooohh...I would love to go to Iceland. Good luck with your trip planning!

  2. Have friends who loved Iceland (seems like everyone does)...if want info on their experiences, let me know. Happy stress-free planning!

  3. I kind of spontaneously decided to climb Kili as well. A friend came to visit with me and we just all of a sudden booked the tickets two months before... But usually I plan more. Iceland would probably be great in the spring if your into skiing.

    1. Which route did you do on Kili? I did the Machame, but this was several years ago and I've heard it's gotten a lot busier.

  4. I'm sometimes spontaneous - like you, realizing it's November and I want to go somewhere! And other times, I plan wayyyy ahead, like 8 months in advance. I'm more of a planner because I love having things to look forward to. But I also love that as a single girl, I can go whenever/wherever I want! As long as my boss lets me have the time off.

    Your adventures look so amazing!!! I've been to Tanzania but didn't get to climb Kilimanjaro (my travel partner didn't want to, boo). I'm going to Ecuador in July. And dying to go to Iceland.


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