Wednesday, October 16, 2013

happy second chances day

Ten years ago today this happened.

I really thought I wouldn't make it out of it alive, but I did.


Every year, I send the pilot a thank you card.  He had about 2 seconds to react to a catastrophic mechanical failure.

Sometimes this world can be frustrating and heartbreaking, but most of the time it is pretty wonderful.  I'm glad I'm still in  it.


  1. All the people who love you are very glad you are still in it, too. :-) (I've never seen the photo of the crashed helicopter before--double yipes!0

  2. Wow - what an experience to live through. Really puts things into perspective. Glad you're alive to tell the tale.

  3. Wow. It's amazing you both made it out of that crash. It's great you thank the pilot every year.

    1. Actually there were 5 people on board, so we were all very lucky!

  4. And we are very (add many verys) glad for your second chance, too. Awesome that the pilot could bring it down and save all of you on board. Think of all the places you've seen and things you have done in these ten years.


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