Monday, October 7, 2013

Some (kind of) good things about being furloughed

It's deeply weird not to go to work on a Monday.  It's even weirder (and sad) to read what some people are posting on Facebook, like "we don't need those people!" and "national parks and forests are unworthy of a government presence" (whatever that means).  But I'm determined to find some perks to the non-essential life.   Here's a few.

1.  I can go to the gym in the middle of the day and beat the crowds.  And I can wonder: who are all these able bodied, non-retirement-age folks there?  They don't work with me, so they aren't federal employees.  Trophy wives?  Shift workers?  Trust funders?  Who are all you people?

2.  I can do house projects.  I know, boring, but I planted seven trees all by myself, and they weren't small trees either.  One was an apple tree; another benefit of being temporarily unemployed is that I can see if it is actually getting the six hours of sun it requires.  I can be heard to exclaim, "There's sun on the apple tree!" throughout the day.

3.  I can go on trips!  I'm still sorting this one out, but there are a lot of possibilities.  Hot springs in Canada?  Colorado? Time to be spontaneous!

4.  I can hang out here:

Love my hot tub.  LOVE.  Note the yellow ducky.
5.  Actually, the possibilities are endless.  Although, I did get a call asking if I'd be available for a fire or a hurricane...I guess then I'd be "essential" again.

I have time to take lots of silly selfies, too.  You're welcome.


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  1. Definitely NOT non-essential or whatever bureaucratic term has to be used in this scenario. (But I can think of some in Congress that would fit the description.) Enjoy your unexpected time and keep the selfies coming. Thank you. :-)


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