Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm a bad weather friend

We sit eating turkey burgers, an early "Friendsgiving," commenting on the American Music Awards.  "Look at Miley," we say.  "What is she wearing?" Earlier, we snowshoed up the ski hill, and then went to see the second Hunger Games movie.  The day before we hiked to a frozen lake.  My friends laugh and pass around salad and wine.  I probably don't deserve them, the way I float in and out of their lives, but I'm here nevertheless.

Here's how you know who your real friends are.  Bail on everything for six months a year.  Weddings, birthdays, holiday barbecues.  Make plans because you think you have a day off, and then cancel at the last minute because you're on your way to Alaska.  Tell them you'll be back in three weeks.  If you do have a few hours, meet them at the Nite Owl or the Dam Town.  Show up in smoky nomex and fire boots, and leave early, because you have to be at work by six the next morning.  Don't answer emails or texts for a long time because you don't have cell service on your fire in Wyoming.  At the end of fire season, come back.  Start contacting people: you're available now! What are they doing?  If they welcome you back, and are happy to see you, and it's like no time at all has gone by, do what you can to keep them.

Friends on the trail

We stopped to look at this icy stream

Almost frozen lake at about 15 F

Top of the ski area


  1. Those are awesome friends! I lose contact for long periods of time, but not for the same reasons you do. Pure laziness. And there's always the same two, oldest friends that are there no matter what and it feels like not time has passed. True friends are a blessing for sure:)

  2. Looks like a great hike with good friends. Yep, I drift in and out of my skiing/hiking friends lives, but we reconnect eventually.

  3. Big Mountain! Avalanche Lake! And good forever friends! Yay!


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