Thursday, November 21, 2013

running stream of consciousness

Well ok.  My work computer is independently deciding to run a check disk and get rid of bad files.  Um, thanks? Maybe I should run.  Ok, I will.  Probably kind of cold out there.  7:30 and it's starting to get light out.  Shirt with sleeves that fold into mittens, check.  Light jacket.  Hat. Running tights.  I remember when I had the first pair of running tights in town.  I had to get them specially made by a seamstress.  At races, people said, "Your legs are blue!" OK, focus. Spikes? No, it's probably not that slippery.  Where's my watch?  Oh, here it is.  Here we go.  Oh, I looked at the thermometer.  It's 5 F.  Brrr. Well, too late now.  Running toward the trail. I feel fortunate to live so close to a trail system.  Actually it's one of the reasons I bought this house.  Good, there's nobody parked here.  The trail is frosty but there's no snow here anymore.  Oops, I forgot to wear orange.  I'll run on the east side trail that goes up by some houses, there won't be any hunters there.  Turn left now. It's kind of cold out.  Here comes the hill.  The sun's not up yet.  Is that black thing a bear? No, it's a stump.  Probably should have worn my contacts.  Top of the hill!  There's the castle house.  I never see anybody there.  I wonder if they just have a caretaker and never come here.  Could have used another layer.  There's the house with the little barky dogs.  They're not out.  Yay, downhill!  Climb over the mountain bike jumps now.  I wonder who built these?  My feet are cold.  Stop it, you're lucky to be able to run.  I really can't run on the treadmill, ugh.  Trail junction, go left.  Slight downhill here.  I read yesterday that most humans have 2.5% Neanderthal DNA, that's so interesting.  Why did I think of that?  This is why I've failed at meditating.  Coming up to the turnaround point.  Not running too fast today.  Main trail, turn around.  I've warmed up a little.  I wonder what I should eat for breakfast.  Oh, there's yogurt that's expired.  I'm sure it's still good.  Trail junction, turn right.  Back over the mountain bike jumps.  I've only seen a few bikers in here.  This hill seems longer than usual.  I'm cold again, what's up with that? Hi, castle house.  Downhill again!  There's that connector trail.  Can't believe I've been running in here for so long and just found another trail the other day.  At least I don't get lost in here anymore.  Turn right now.  Sun's still not up.  Should have worn warmer tights.  It's good to get exercise out of the way first thing.  Here's the gate.  Less than 1/4 mile left.  My neighbor has already gone to work.  Look at my cute house, I love it.  OK, I'm done!  Running in the morning is the best!


  1. Yes - I love to get my run done first thing in the am. But I run a wee bit earlier than you. I roll out of bed at 4:30 am to do my 4 miles. About the time I'm fully awake I'm almost done.

    1. 4:30 am! Isn't it super dark? I like to run in the woods. I guess I could wear a headlamp.


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