Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Airport Games

"Is that a woman or a man?" I asked my sister from our perch in an empty gate at the Detroit airport.

She peered at the target.  "Hmmm...I don't KNOW," she said.

And so it began, another round of Airport Games.

I spend a lot of time in airports, both for work and travel, and despite them all having the same general function, they all differ slightly, from the slightly confusing (Santiago), slightly terrifying (Lukla, Nepal) to freezing (Denver) and seemingly always crowded (Salt Lake).  Nevertheless, there's only so much reading you can do during, say, a 6 hour layover in Dallas.  So that's when I resort to people watching.  Here are some games I like to play.  They are much more fun with another person but can be played alone too.  You're welcome.

1.  Guess people's stories.  What is that couple fighting about?  Where is that handsome man with a guitar going? Wait, was that Taylor Swift walking by? This one is fun because you can always make something up, the more elaborate the better.

2.  Seek out Glamour Dos.  The last page of Glamour Magazine has pictures of real people and celebrities and determines whether their outfits are fashion Dos or Don'ts.   Airports are great places for this game, as people sport all types of outfits in which to travel.  On my last trip, there were a surprising number of well dressed women in Detroit.

3.  Try to guess where people are going or coming from based on attire and bags.  It's amusing to see shorts and tank tops in the same general area as down jackets and beanies.  I play a version of this in immigration lines in international airports that I like to call American/Not American.  Oddly, I must not look that American, because locals and even some Americans tend to come up to me speaking rapid Spanish.

What about you?  How do you pass the time in airports?


  1. This gives me ideas to spend my time more productively (?) in my next long airport layover. Very creative.

  2. People watching is always fun, wherever you are.


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