Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's summer! Or not.

Our mountains are still buried in white.  Crews clearing trails soon run into impassable creeks and several feet of snow.  In the valley,  the weather is moody, one 70 degree day turning rainy and cold in a few hours.  We wear our fire pants and boots to work, but just to clean and cut firewood and teach classes.  My assistant escapes for a week for a pre-positioning assignment with a water scooper plane in Michigan.  I send another crewmember to Alaska with the hotshots, where they slog damply through the black forest in the rain.

I savor my time off.  I wear girl clothes and go to a barbecue with friends I haven't seen in months.  The next night I have dinner with some other good friends.

I take my kayak out for the first time of the season.  The campsite hosts approach eagerly, excited to see someone using the canoe/kayak ramp at the lake.  "I've never seen anyone get in a kayak before," the man remarks.  I get in, hopefully gracefully, and glide out into the lake.

I float around and gaze at the houses on the lake.  Cute cabins are interspersed with fancier homes.

There's no point in wondering what's next.  There will be fires, or there won't.  If there aren't, there will be friends and hiking and kayaking on rivers and lakes.  I'm ready for any of it.



  1. :)) what a great summer.(I know you don't think so)
    Girl clothes really suite ya dear Lynn!

    1. I love summer, I just wish it would get here! I seriously thought it would snow yesterday. Thanks for the compliment!

  2. :)) what a great summer.(I know you don't think so)
    Girl clothes really suite ya dear Lynn!

  3. Glad you were able to get out on the lake. Looks like fun! Nice photo of you.

  4. Woot, woot, for the boots! Lookin' good, Lynn!

  5. Love the photos of you and the kayak outing....think I might know the lake. Looks like you've had a lovely few days, in spite of changeable weather.


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