Monday, May 19, 2014

rescue me

If you're hurt on a fire around here, or in the backcountry, these are the angels who will come rescue you.

 We were visited today by Alert, the local medevac helicopter, and by a private search and rescue aircraft.
This helicopter was purchased by a local philanthropist, a (rich) venture capitalist.  He pays for all costs associated with it; rescues are free of charge. 

When I worked in Wyoming, Harrison Ford did the same thing, except he also flew the helicopter.  Sadly, although I saw him around town, I missed my opportunity to meet and marry him.  Darn you, Calista!
Image from here
The medics and pilots showed us around the aircraft.

While I've saved a few people in my career, these people save lives all the time.

Thanks, guys.


  1. LOL..@ the Calista comment. Lemme assure, you it's Harrison's loss!

    1. That's so nice! One of my friends was his personal trainer. He said Harrison was a really nice, down to earth guy.

  2. Maybe if you show Harrison Ford your new truck, he will reconsider his marriage arrangement, ha ha. That is awesome that someone pays for the helicopter and all its costs. I love to see someone doing something like that with their resources.

    1. Good point, it is a nice truck! Yes, the same guy has also donated a lot of money to the community for a trail and other things.

  3. Life Savin Machines!!! Way to go girl!!!


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