Monday, May 5, 2014

Smelly Train/Nice Bag Part II

Lately I've felt a little like a crankypants.  It was a busy winter at work, and sometimes people weren't pleasant.  The winter was long and now it's raining like a mofo.  I can't think of anything to write in my blog.  Clearly, it's time for another round of Smelly Train/Nice Bag.

In this post I wrote about this game.  Essentially, if you have a negative thought, you should counteract it with a positive one. So here goes:

My truck is leaking oil/Maybe after 15 years it's time for a new one!

I want this one!
I really don't feel like lifting weights, ever/But I feel great when I'm done!

It's raining a lot/I don't have to water my trees yet.

This training class is too long/I get to spend time with some friends after class.

Sometimes it seems like nobody reads my blog/My aunt and my mom like it!

Work can be challenging/I get to fly around in helicopters all the time.

I feel old/Another year closer to retirement!

A selfie, because why not.

Let's play! Tell me your Smelly Train/Nice Bag thoughts!


  1. It's gray and rainy and supposed to be 22 degrees tonight and spring or even summer will NEVER come and most everyone you meet is cranky about it/. the rain has melted the snow so we can walk on most of our trails and the purple crocuses are blooming out of the roof-snow banks..

  2. The Accidental Firefly lives a loong way away/I can keep up with her life a little through her excellent blog and photos. Nice selfie!

  3. After a collision with another skier a week ago, today I learned I have a broken rib/Now I'll get a 4-6 week break from working out.

  4. I like the 'caption of your selfie! I have never ridden a helicopter .... fun?

  5. Someone once said to me that getting older is better than the alternative :) Every time the negative thoughts invade me, I either count my blessings (and I do have many) OR I put things into perspective... most of my problems are #firstworldproblems. Which isn't to say they are petty, but life could be a lot, LOT worse.

    Love the white kitten on the dumbbells. I'm a sucker for kitten pics.

    1. Very true, Sabrina. Having traveled quite a lot and seen the conditions that people in places like Tanzania are living in, I definitely have first world problems for the most part.
      I love kitten pictures too! (I have 3 cats).

  6. I was reading quickly, read you mention your truck, then saw that picture and thought it was yours at first. :) Very nice truck! And I learned that I need to slow down and pay attention to what I am reading, ha ha. But I love cars and trucks, so it's not my fault I was skipping ahead to the picture of the truck.

    1. Ummm....I bought one after this post! Look for a new post about it soon!


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