Friday, June 27, 2014

Lights On For Granite Mountain

On Monday, June 30, wildland firefighters and those who support us will be leaving our porch lights on all night to mark the one year anniversary of the deaths of 19 firefighters on the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona.

If you haven't heard of this tragedy you can read about it here; there are many other sites that detail the events of that day and its aftermath.  Honestly, I can't bear to write about it.

Leaving our lights on won't bring them back.  It doesn't raise money for anybody; there have been other events for that.  All it does is say that we remember them, the young men who went into this fire to save other people's homes and died in the flames.  It will be a path of lights shining in the darkness, all over the country and maybe in other places of the world, showing them that wherever they are, we won't forget, and we are still waiting for them to come home.

Please consider joining us.

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  1. Thank you, Lynn. We will do that. Such a tragic week of remembering--- the 19 young men who died in the Yarnell fire and the 14 young men and women who died at South Canyon. We keep all of you close....those we knew and those we didn't. All are precious to their families and friends.


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