Sunday, June 8, 2014

Scenes from a trail

It's slow in fire land, so what's a firefighter to do?  Go hiking, of course!

Stanton Lake is one of my regular hiking routes.  It's a short, easy hike that gets you into the wilderness in less than a mile.  There are usually enough people on the trail to scare away bears, but not enough to make it feel crowded. 

The trail winds through a pleasant forest.

Running shoes and a skort!

The trail enters the wilderness in less than a mile.
Hey, Bear!
Stanton Lake
The lake is peaceful.

You can always find a little beach to yourself.
Still a lot of snow in the mountains.


  1. What a pretty lake! How nice you have these great trails close to home. If you need a fire to fight, there's one burning right now near Bend, Oregon. Bend is a nice place to visit (even when it's burning up).

    1. I used to live there and fought a lot of fire there!

  2. I loved Stanton Lake, and the company......great photos.

  3. Stanton Lake looks breathtaking!


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