Thursday, July 10, 2014

Things people left at the lookout

  • A pair of socks, hung up to dry, and then forgotten
  • A thermarest mattress, neatly bound with masking tape, ready for the hike down.  I wonder how far its owner got before it was realized to be missing:  a mile, the trailhead, home? How far would you go before you decided it wasn't worth it to come back?
  • Mystery cans of food, perhaps left for desperate times
  • Bear spray, long since expired
  • A blanket of unknown vintage
  • Water, since it is a dry summit
  • Candles
  • Their words, written neatly or scrawled in years of logbooks.  The little kids who hiked bravely up the trail in 1997 are all grown up now.  Do they remember?
The lookout is 90 years old, and no longer used for spotting fires.  With $20 and a short hike, you can rent it for the night.  You also get subalpine meadows full of flowers, lingering snowfields, and sunsets and sunrises from a little house in the sky.
The lookout

Snowfields on the ridge

Inside the lookout



  1. What a beautiful place for a lookout. I've always wanted to rent one for the night. Something I need to look into - there's lots of them in Oregon.

  2. Beautiful!! And totally worth $20...ha!! I would have been bummed about that thermorest for sure...ha!!


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