Wednesday, August 13, 2014

a blogger's prerogative

So, I just wrote a post about how I was going to delete my blog, and immediately got 2 nice comments from A  and Linda, and realized I'm not ready yet. But...
For those reading, what would you find interesting to read about? More of my daily life as a firefighter? Days off activities I do like hiking? Different jobs a firefighter does? How we keep fit? I'm taking any and all suggestions. I feel like my blog has gotten a little boring.
And for those of you who commented on kitty, she is hanging in there, but not well. I'm spending every moment with her.


  1. Do we have to choose one? All of the topics you list - from firefighting, to firetowers, to hiking in mid-summer when fires are distant, to kayaking on lakes and rivers, to the kitties are interesting and the photos are great. Your work and the environment you live and play in are so different from that of most of us, so we enjoy the trip. Keep writing on the blog. It's not boring!

  2. the minions are interesting.

  3. I like hearing about your hikes and outdoor activities. I also find your firefighting stories very interesting. Just my two cents worth. :)

  4. I agree...why choose one aspect of life. I like that you have variety. Your day job is just as interesting as your days off. Of course as a fellow hiker on a mountain range on the other side of the US, I like seeing your hiking/trail running posts. But your job is so interesting too. Keep writing about it all, whatever you want to...this is your blog. :)

  5. I like being surprised when I click on your blog--not knowing what topic will be coming next. You are an excellent writer and I enjoy all your posts.


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