Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the rainy day diaries

It rains.  Pretty much every day.  It's generally accompanied by thunder and lightning, but it's far too wet for any fires to start.  We dash inside the hangar and listen to the rain fall on the roof.  On the lawn, a couple of sprinklers still run optimistically.  It feels like September.

The minions are starting to fade.  A couple have left already, having accepted "real" jobs as a software analyst and a music teacher.  Another leaves soon for nursing school.  The rest hang on, hoping for another assignment.  But the ones that were out get released due to torrential rains that cause mass demobilizations.  D. escapes to the sure thing, a tour with the type 1 helicopter, and ends up chasing it to southern California.  The rest of us stay here, watching the rain.

Karl decides to build a picnic table, and spends hours with a tape measure and drill.  I count flight gloves, inexplicably finding 5 right handed ones but no lefts.  The pilot and mechanic take over the barbecue grill, producing hamburgers and some delicious cheesy potatoes.  Some bigwigs appear for an inspection.  It rains some more.

Those of us who have been around for awhile know how to do this, though.  Some summers are like this.  Others are ablaze, and you end up in October exhausted.  It all evens out.

Thanks to those who commented about my kitty.  I miss her terribly.
Athena 1999-2014


  1. We could use some of that rain here! It's been such a dry summer, and the PNW has had lots of fires. Funny how the weather works some years. So sorry about your kitty. She sure was a beauty.

  2. I won't say any of the cliches that people offer when a beloved pet dies--just that I am very sorry, Lynn.


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