Monday, August 25, 2014

walks with friends

All has been pretty quiet here on the western front.  It has been raining so much that everything is green again.  Fire season here is over, not that it really began.  We show up every day, but don't expect to go anywhere.

Chris starts putting skirting on our office trailer.  He doesn't even work for us, but has adopted our trailer as his personal project.  I go to the hardware store and look at paint samples, determined to make the trailer look better, and settle on a dark gray called "Sooty Lashes."  We wonder how to get a job naming paint colors and notice that a lot of the grays have cat names: Tomcat, Mr. Kitty.  Most nights, we are done with work at five, like normal people.

I go meet my friends J. and D.  After dinner we drive to a trail where I have never been, and stroll past a small lake.  We point out meadows where we would like to build a cabin.  The sun sets as we arrive back at the trailhead.  I realize that I don't do this often enough.  Usually I charge up a trail, determined to get a good workout.  It's good to slow down sometimes and look around.  Especially with a friend or two.


  1. I love hiking with my friends. I drove through MT last weekend, en route to S. Dakota, and was amazed how green it was! Stayed overnight in Bozeman and it rained. Felt like I was home in Oregon. But after the blazing hot summer we've had, the rain was a welcome sight.

  2. Nice photos! Trees turning already???


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