Saturday, September 20, 2014

going farther

You can always turn around, I told myself as I charged up the trail.  There was nobody around.  It had rained earlier that morning, and clouds hung damply over the mountains.  A cold wind swept through the trees.  The leaves were red and gold.  I don't like to turn around.

You started too late, I thought.  A thirteen mile hike was probably too long to undertake starting at noon.  What if I had to hike back as it was getting dark?  I imagined bears lurking around every corner as the sun set.
There's no trail to this lake, but you could scramble to it.
  I decided to hike to the first lake and then decide.  Birch Lake was deserted today.  I'd go a little farther.
Birch Lake, about 3 miles in
The trail narrowed and got rockier.  The air felt like winter.  I should probably go back, I thought.  But I kept going, and there it was:  a blue jewel set among granite peaks.
Crater Lake
I took some pictures and headed back, seeing no other hikers, only a few mountain goats clinging to cliffs across the valley.  Back at the trailhead, I was surprised to find that I had completed the 13 miles in four hours.

Sometimes it's good to keep going.


  1. Yes! Glad you took us along....well, far behind you at that pace on thectrail. Beautiful lakes.

  2. Beautiful pics! Wow you must have really hustled to cover that distance so quickly!

  3. That last picture of Crater Lake looks spectacular. I miss fall colors! None in SF :)

  4. Good thing you didn't turn back, if not, I wouldn't see all these wonderful views of nature. What beautiful colors of fall. It was surely worth going on :)


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