Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This all happened in less than 2 weeks:

First, a gorgeous summer-like day (and an 11 mile hike with friends):

Then it was winter all of a sudden (and an 8 mile hike in the snow with the same adventurous friends):

 and a few days later, back to summer (and a short hike by myself):
I once lived in Hawaii for a short time.  I loved living there because hello, Hawaii?  But I missed the uncertainty of the mountains.  You never really know what you are getting into.  The forecast could call for sun, and yet it snows at the top of a peak.  Sunny, warm days are precious and people here make sure they are out kayaking, hiking, climbing; the gym is deserted on those kind of days.

I do wish winter were shorter (sorry, skiers and snowmobilers).  But it's all part of mountain living.  I've lived in 15 states, and I'll pick the mountains every time.

Why do (or don't) you like where you live? 


  1. I love the variety of where I live. Mountains, ocean, volcanoes, rainforest, desert ..... all within a short drive from my house.

  2. I love where I has the Superior Lake, wilderness areas, rivers and lots of inland lakes....and it's not crowded. Now if I could add mountains, and yes.....a shorter winter!

    1. You got that right...a reason why autumn is such a great season here!

  3. I love the views - they're gorgeous!

    I live in a city, but I love where I live, there's a picturesque harbour and lots of quirky independent shops/bars etc, but if city living gets too much, I live with 30-40mins drive to beautiful English countryside! I just wish it would stop raining enough, for me to enjoy being outdoors!

    1. I have a friend who lives in Keswick. It looks like a great little place to live.


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