Thursday, October 16, 2014

What kind of house are you?

If I were a house instead of a person,  I would be a log cabin, kind of on the small side, not exactly new but with a few good years still left.  I'd be a little weathered on the outside but obviously cared for, with a few things that needed fixing but still structurally sound.  Inside I'd have a woodstove giving off heat like a big heart but you'd have to go inside to find it which means you'd have to have the key, which not very many people have gotten.  I'd be tucked up in the mountains next to water with a nice view, by myself but not too far from other houses, not too long of a walk if a person got lonely.  I'd have big windows to look out at the world and to see who was coming up the path, and a cat or two, maybe even a dog.  I might be up a long crooked road, but if you took the time to come up, you'd want to stay. 

What about you?  What kind of house are you? 


  1. Pure poetry...great images of houses and self. I'd be a log house, quiet but not too far from a town so I could see others when I chose. Still able to fix most structural problems, and live with others. Oh, wait, I am.

  2. A yurt, part of the outdoors instead of separate.


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