Saturday, November 8, 2014

Oh the irony, and other Denver weirdness

I approached my gate with relief.  I had been at the Denver airport so long that I had started and almost finished a whole book.  However, an agent was muttering something into a microphone about a delay.  It appeared that the inbound plane, the one I was supposed to then board and head for home, had struck a bird, causing enough damage that the aircraft had to be taken out of service.

Isn't it ironic?  Why yes Alanis, it is.  The reason I had been in Denver was to attend an aircraft accident investigation class.  We learned how weather conditions, mechanical problems, or pilot error could contribute to accidents.  (And yes, birds).

Other random strangeness:

The weather!  No wonder all you people live here.  Three hundred days of sunshine a year?! Does everyone know this?  Oh wait, I guess they do, judging by all the traffic.  I felt like I was driving in southern California!

Monks.  I saw two of them in two days.  What's up with all the monks?

Six other people in the hotel workout room before 5:30 am.  EVERY DAY.  Usually the hotel workout room is a deserted wasteland I have all to myself.

I had dinner with my long lost friend K who lives in Denver. I hadn't seen him in 27 years!  Not only did he tell me real war stories about the combat zones he has been in, but we also figured out that we had lived in the same town and worked on the same military base for a five year period.  We probably passed each other on the road many times!

The birds decided to calm down for the night and the new plane made it home safely.  Now I'm qualified to be an accident investigator trainee, if an aircraft working for my agency is involved in an incident.  Years ago, I was involved in a helicopter crash; you can read about it here.

I hope we have no accidents.  However, I know how lucky I am to have survived, and if I do get to investigate one,  I'll use the knowledge I gain to possibly prevent similar accidents.  This will be my way of paying it forward.


  1. It's good there are trained people like you. Hopefully you'll be able to use your experience to prevent future accidents.

    1. I hope so, Linda. Some of these accidents are really heartbreaking.

  2. Sounds like a really productive trip! It's good that you'll be able to help prevent and investigate future accidents, it sounds really rewarding!

    1. Yes it is. I really want to help stop some of these terrible accidents from happening.

  3. Sounds interesting....a second career? Denver (except for the traffic) has some interesting parks and pedestrian malls. Sounds as if you got out just in time (birds and all)....projected to be 20 degrees this week.


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