Thursday, January 22, 2015

If I had run

On Sunday, I woke up thinking that I should go for a run.  But I looked outside and saw that once again it had snowed overnight.  Some years we don't get much snow in the valley; you can run on the trails all year round.  This is not one of those years.  So even though I hadn't run in awhile, I couldn't resist.  I pulled out my snowshoes and headed for the woods.

Running is great.  I've been doing it for decades.  But it was the right decision, because if I had run:

I wouldn't have seen the sun through the trees in a quiet forest.

I wouldn't have been the only person out there on such a beautiful day.

I wouldn't have been outside for over two hours (I don't run for that long anymore!)

I wouldn't have seen the gate to nowhere...

This snow angel wouldn't have happened!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the right decision!

  2. What beautiful pictures, I'm so jealous! It also reminds me that I need to get my running back into gear!

    1. I love running in the woods. But it's been challenging this winter!

  3. I think you made the right decision. What a great day for a walk in the snowy woods! I'm jealous of all that snow. Our mountains are looking pretty bare right now.... Nice snow angel! :)

    1. We have a lot of snow but are expecting some rain and freezing rain. It seems like it has been warmer than usual this January.


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