Sunday, March 8, 2015

Into the fire

While trying to think of a blog post topic, I clicked on "Dateline" to see if it was showing an interesting murder mystery.  Instead, people were talking about their escape from the largest wildfire in California's history, the Cedar Fire in 2003.

These survivors being interviewed barely made it out alive.  In fact, 15 people didn't, including Steve Rucker, an engine captain who was overrun by fire while trying to defend a house.

Their stories are compelling and tragic, as some of them lost family members while trying to escape the flames.

This is the place where my co-workers and I live.  Not on every fire, not every day, sometimes not even every year.  But enough.  We go in while people are evacuating, and try to save their property, their animals, and their lives. 

I'm proud of us.


  1. Proud of all of you, and especially you.

  2. It takes outstanding people to risk their lives like you and your coworkers do. You should be proud of yourselves!

  3. It is something to cherish -- to have a profession and important work to do that makes you proud.


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