Monday, September 21, 2015

Sleep, a love story

Throughout the summer I have cravings.  Not for food or anything else you might expect, but for sleep.  I think about sleep, about closing my eyes and drifting off.  When I'm not working, I curl up like a cat and fall asleep in odd places.

This feels like a weakness, because it seems in our society we aren't supposed to sleep, at least not much.  A lot of people pride themselves on how early they get up and how busy they are.  My firefighter friends and I used to be like this, years ago.  We ground through thousand-hour overtime seasons with a smoky cough and nails that seemed permanently black from sifting through ashes looking for embers.  We said flippant things like "I can sleep when I'm dead."  We learned to catnap anywhere, on rocks, buses, and planes.

I don't like to admit that anything needs to change when you get older.  I don't think, barring injury or medical problems, that you have to slow down, change your ways, or sit on the couch all the time.  But I definitely have a new appreciation for sleep.  On my day off, I think about all the things I *should* do: go hiking, go to the gym, clean the house, pull weeds.  I do some of them, but first, I sleep.  I do some more things and I sleep some more.  And I don't feel bad about it, not really.  It's been a crazy, busy summer.  Even the bears are getting ready to rest. 

 Smoke still rises out of the forest.  It's not quite over here yet, but the real danger has passed.  There will be time for sleep soon.

I look like Sleeping Beauty when I sleep. Not.


  1. Oh, I think you probably do look like Sleeping Beauty! I've succumbed to a few naps lately, which I never used to do. Feels good, though.

  2. Never feel bad about needing sleep. Our bodies need it (I just wrote about it!!!!!!

    1. Heading over to read it...great minds think alike.

  3. One day off out of 30; 12 and 15 hour days.....yes, some sleep is definitely not a luxury when possible during fire season!


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