Sunday, December 13, 2015

December? Is that you?

If you went outside not knowing what month it was, would you choose correctly?

I would pick April.  Temperatures near 40, rain, hardly any snow on the running trails? Hello,

Yes, I have a ski pass, but this weather is ok with me.  I know it can change at any time; a polar vortex could come barreling down on us next week.  I'll keep on trail running and hiking as long as I can.

And what does this mean for next fire season? It's too soon to tell.  We've had raging fires after winters with record snowfall, and hardly any after dry winters.  That being said, there was a 2000 acre wildfire east of here a few days ago.  In DECEMBER.  Is it really December?


  1. Yes, that is what "December" looks like in the Upper Penensula of Michigan, also. Raining hard right now. We're liking the extended hiking, exploring time before snowshoes and shovels!

  2. I know! What is up with the weather? I have no complaints either...a long weekend off and away 70 degree temps. LOVED it...and yes I was just as happy hiking and being outside. (more happy actually)

  3. We need to send you some of our moisture -it's been raining nearly nonstop for over a week. Not that I'm complaining - our mountains are finally getting some much-needed snow.

    1. Our mountains don't have much snow yet. Maybe 3 feet, I'm guessing.


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