Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Old Standby

Adventures are great.  New places, new people, not quite knowing if it will work out.  But everyone needs something reliable, whether it's a running route, gym routine, or hike.  Sometimes you just don't want to wonder if you can drive to the trailhead, find the lake, or if there are hazards you haven't considered.  Enter the Old Standby.

There was too much snow at the trailhead to park there, so I put on my snowshoes by the railroad tracks.  I could see that people had been there before me, on skis and snowshoes and on foot, which is one of the reasons this is my Old Standby: while it's never busy, I can usually count on someone else breaking trail.

The trail is short and gets into the wilderness in about a mile.  It doesn't take long after that, and this amazing lake comes into view.
The lake is still completely frozen
It's impossible to be disappointed here.  The trail is easy.  The lake is reliably beautiful, no matter the weather.  Because it's a short hike, if you forget something, it's not a disaster.  You can get up here when you are short on time, have visitors in tow, or aren't sure what you feel like doing that day.  I've never seen an unhappy person here.  How could you be?

Nobody was on the trail or at the lake.  I sat in the sunshine, looking at the mountains. Back at the parking area, two men were starting out on skis.  Maybe this was their Old Standby too.


  1. No profound comments--just glad to see your smiling face in your cute hat!

  2. Your "old reliable" is pretty darned nice! I'd be smiling big too.

  3. Love that lake! Fortunate to have been one of the "visitors in tow.! Lovely photos, lovely day.


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