Saturday, June 4, 2016

It's National Trails Day!

I actually didn't realize this until I got home and read it online, proving that Facebook can be useful for something besides uninformed political rants (seriously people, just stop).  But since it was in the 80s and sunny after a rainy spring, I was out there anyway,

I contemplated backpacking, but my favorite hiking area is still under a lot of snow and I didn't feel like taking snowshoes.  I decided to day hike instead.  My first choice of trailheads was crowded with people, including a group just setting off.  Too busy for me! I drove to the park instead.

I hike this particular trail a lot, partly because it's close by and accessible, there's a fire lookout at the end, and there's enough people on the trail to not have to worry about going solo in bear country, but usually not too many: the elevation gain and switchbacks tend to space the groups out so you aren't hiking on people's heels.

The view from the top is always worth it.

The lookout hasn't been manned in years.  I really want to go inside and spend the night here!  Sunrise would be amazing from here.  Sadly, that's very unlikely to happen, as I'm not a park employee and it is all boarded up.

I had it all to myself...for awhile.

I suspect my fellow hikers may not have known it was National Trails Day either (who names these things?) but they were there: the Frat Boy Posse, the two girls in sports bras and booty shorts, the determined little kids, even the couple without anything (no water?! What are you thinking?)

Did you get out on National Trails Day? If not, that's OK.  Any day is a good day to hike! And, I totally missed National Donut Day, but I don't like doughnuts anyway.  When's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Can't miss that one.


  1. I didn't get out hiking today, but will tomorrow! (Hopefully it's close enough to still count!) What a lovely trail and spectacular mountain views!

    My son is moving to Shelby, MT the end of this month. I'm assuming that's east of where you live.

    1. Yes that's east but not too far from the park. If you come out to the area and want to hike in the park let me know!

  2. Poured rain all day here, so we didn't get our to hike on National Trails Day...wimps. Going out today though on the same trail planned....with triple duty: Enjoying a beautiful stretch of the North Country Trail along Lake Superior, racking up some miles on the 100 mile challenge and cleaning up any trash near L's Songbird Trail and Little Presque Isle.

  3. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day....we haven't missed it! Coming up on August 4th, or in the real world, Every Day!

  4. Sadly I wasn't on any trails at all this weekend and missed that national day! Boo!!!

    I am sooo amazed at the people I see hiking with no water up the side of a mountain in hot weather!!!! Blows my mind!!!!

    1. I know, I don't get it! It was in the 80s that day and the trail was 7 miles. No water!


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