Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Short Break From Fire

It's really, really green here, very different from last year. It's been raining off and on, and snow patches still linger in the high country. I've been back for a week now and I feel restless.  What to do? Get outside, of course!

On Friday, I drove to a local bridge and dragged my kayak down a steep trail to the river.  This is my favorite section of the river because I never see anyone on it, and there are only a few houses along it.

I had to maneuver around some kayak eating logs.

I like to go against the current on the way up and float back down.

Saturday was rainy but an impressive hailstorm made an appearance.

Sunday was a hiking day.
This lake is called Crater Lake (not the one in Oregon).

So many glacier lilies!
Otherwise, not much to report! I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying summer.


  1. Your Crater Lake is pretty too! I'm glad there's been no large fires so far. I did hear my hometown of Rapid City had a big fire on a hill in the middle of town. Thankfully it got put out quickly with no property loss.

  2. That was a very impressive hail storm!!!

  3. Must be hard to shift from "alert" to some down time....but enjoy the respite, the green, glacier lilies, river and lakes. It will probably change soon. Your storm came east with some damage, but missed us.

    1. Cloudcroft, NM had a fire, our friend in Roswell told us, but you are probably tuned in to that.


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