Monday, July 11, 2016


I was four hours away from where the memorial was being held for Brad, our co-worker who was killed by a bear.  I was managing a national helicopter which could be dispatched anywhere in the country at any time.  I knew going back would mean an eight hour round trip drive. But I knew I had to go back to pay my respects and support my friends.

I was honored to ride in the procession of vehicles that stretched for what seemed like miles, all with flashing lights.  People stood along the roadway, some holding American flags. Some construction workers stopped work, holding their hard hats in their hands and watching us pass by.

 We passed under a large flag supported by fire department truck ladders.

The memorial itself was a celebration of life.  Along with bagpipes, honor guards, and Amazing Grace, there were a lot of stories about Brad, some funny, some inspiring. 

Then there was the last call, read by a dispatcher:

"FS 44, Dispatch.
FS 44, Dispatch.
This is the last call for FS 44 Brad Treat.  End of watch June 29, 2016.
Gone but not forgotten.
Rest in peace my friend.
We have the watch from here."

This man was loved by many.  It's all we can really hope for as our legacy.


  1. I'm sure you were glad to be there for your coworkers funeral. Yes, I hope that when my time comes, I've made a positive impression on the people around me.

    1. It makes you really think about what you will be remembered for.

  2. (h, thank you for Brad, for his family and his colleagues and for those of us across the country who did not know him. Gone much too soon, but a legacy of love and remembrance. Glad you could be a part.

  3. What a great memorial and honor for your co-worker. I am sorry for your loss and for his family's.


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