Wednesday, November 15, 2017

All over the map

Interesting places I've lived because of my job:
  • A travel trailer in the California desert
  • A log cabin built by a Cub Scout and his dad, with a stream for water and a hollow tree stump for an outhouse
  • A park service ranger station in Arizona two hours away from any type of store
  • A tent in a campground in Washington, for two summers
  • A rented room in a house that was paid for by one pot crop ( I learned this later)
  • Various bunkhouses
  • A former one room schoolhouse in South Dakota
I hear people say things like "I could never live in..." fill in the blank: a big city, small town, arctic climate, etc.  This isn't really the truth.  Of course, they physically could; they just might not like it, or thrive there, or just maybe they would surprise themselves and be okay with it. 

I moved a lot, and to places I thought I would never consider.  I had to, because there weren't a lot of seasonal jobs available in the most desirable locations, and certainly no permanent jobs.  I lived in remote outposts and in one big city (Honolulu), and in more than one place where I drove up, looked around, and thought, what have I done?

Still, I adapted, everywhere I went, and it makes me curious every time I go to a new place.  What would it be like to live here? I think.  Sometimes my initial impression, especially in a large city, is how hard it would be.  So many people! So much traffic! But then I think, public transportation. Lakes with running trails.  Inexpensive gyms.  Maybe this wouldn't be terrible.

I'll probably always be a country mouse rather than a city one.  I'll always prefer mountains to flat landscapes.  I probably won't live in any more trailers or tents.  But because I did it, and found the good, hidden things in all those places, I know I could.


  1. You have certainly led an interesting life! And yes, I'd chose country over city any day. After retirement I'm hoping to move out of this big city (the traffic here is driving me crazy!).

    1. Where will you go? Someplace with good hiking and skiing, I'm sure!

  2. Love this post...what an interesting collection of places to live and places to explore...maybe not all ideal at the time but made rich memories for now when it's a real house.

    1. They were all pretty good, except for some of the roommates and the mice.

  3. Roommates and mice can turn the nicest location into the Home from Hell, no doubt. Adaptability is a very useful skill, as it sounds like you have learned. Hugs!

    1. The worst roommates were college ones. The park service ones were pretty good except for a fighting couple and a few noisy ones!


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