Monday, May 21, 2018

Staying Here

I looked at the detail announcement.  It was for a temporary promotion to a grade higher than mine.  It looked like it would lead to an actual job.  The description of the duties was somewhat vague, but I was sure I could do them.  It would mean a higher hourly wage.  I probably wouldn't have to supervise anyone.  The announcement even hinted at the possibility of working "virtually," which could mean a cubicle in the closest agency office, but could also mean the holy grail of office working: working from home!  No more commute! Strolling to the kitchen instead of packing a lunch! Seeing my cats ALL DAY!

I started to fill out the application.  But I kept hesitating.  My current job definitely has drawbacks: lots of supervision responsibilities, working lots of hours, and fairly low pay for what we have to do and risk.  But even though this opportunity eliminated these issues, I didn't feel passionate about it.  I already spend a lot of time at the computer; I didn't want more.  I didn't want more meetings or conference calls.  And I just can't give up the best part of my job:
Hole in the Wall Basin, Glacier National Park.
In the end, I didn't apply.  And I don't regret it.  It's been hard at times to do what I do, but it's also been amazing. 


  1. Sounds like you made a good choice!!!

  2. I can stroll to the kitchen because I work at home but I think I end up eating way more than when I used to pack a lunch. And more cookies, too. So it's not really that great.

    1. We have a store really close to us so we frequently buy candy.

  3. Decisions are hard, but it's good that you have no regrets. You are now entitled to any special piece of candy or cookie that you may have been denying yourself. Love, Ant

  4. Sounds like a good weighing of the pros and cons. As long as you are content with your decision...and it sounds like you are well aware of the positives of what you now will be the right one. With all the long hours and in built stresses, no one other than your colleagues, has seen your world as you have...that's special


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